Zachary, 15, is an amazing kid with the heart of a little boy. The busier Zach is the better, and he loves to be a helper, too: shoveling the driveway, building snow forts, swimming, riding his bike, shooting hoops, going for walks — and even going grocery shopping. He enjoys imaginary play and playing with all of his "Paw Patrol" figures and singing along to the show's songs. Zach is a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings, and of watching and talking about football.

Zach is looking for a family to help him maintain contact with his two sisters and grandparents. The family would need to have the ability and desire to access support and resources to help Zach grow and thrive and have an understanding and commitment to being Zach's lifelong parents. He flourishes when there is predictability and consistency with his daily schedule. Zach would benefit from being the only child, allowing him the time and attention that will help him thrive.

If you would like more information on adopting or fostering a Minnesota waiting child, please e-mail or call 612-861-7115.