Kiana is extroverted, likes to help others and be a role model for her peers and younger children.

At 16, she is insightful, determined, works hard in school and likes a challenge. Kiana is a strong writer and enjoys writing and communicating her feelings through journaling or letter writing. She likes to sing, dance and listen to a variety of music.

Kiana also enjoys pets and would like to be a veterinarian when she is older, but says her dream job would be foster parenting. She also talks about joining the military. Her favorite subject in school is math, and she also enjoys drawing, playing volleyball and running track.

Summer is Kiana's favorite season because she likes to camp and participate in outside activities. She likes a variety of foods, but her favorite is Spam and rice and hot Cheetos.

Kiana needs a family that can provide a lot of structure and support and is willing to listen. Kiana is open to a family that lives in a larger city or a smaller town. She wants to stay in Minnesota, but is eager to move out of her current small town and be adopted by a family.

She would like to be adopted into a family as the only child or have older siblings. Kiana said that she is shy when first meeting new people, but would like to do family activities, like going out to eat.

If you would like more information on adopting or fostering a Minnesota Waiting Child, please contact MN ADOPT at or 612-861-7115.