Alexis, who likes to be called Lexi, is a bubbly, friendly 14-year-old with a wide smile and lots of interests. She lights up when she receives positive attention from adults and can spend time with people who care about her. Her foster mom says that Lexi is the first to volunteer to help with chores. Lexi loves swimming and enjoys art, doing hair, and playing board games and basketball. She wants to try horseback riding and likes water parks and amusement parks.

At school, Lexi's favorite classes are math and English and her least favorite is gym. She enjoys writing in her journal, reading and doing word games and visual puzzles. Her favorite musicians are Katie Perry, Taylor Swift and Nick Jonas.

Lexi is nervous about leaving her foster family, but also really wants a family to love her forever. She is very open to having other kids in the home. Lexi would love to be part of a family that has cats and dogs.

Her adoptive family should be willing to help Lexi maintain monthly visits with her younger sister, who is being adopted by another family.

If you would like more information about adopting a Minnesota Waiting Child, please contact MN ADOPT at 612-861-7115.