and 89.3 the Current’s monthly Minneseries residency returns to the Nomad. Taking the spotlight Thursdays in February is the fresh synth-pop quintet Pornonono.

Their back story: Pornonono was born less than a year ago when Jacob Mullis (of Fort Wilson Riot) and his co-worker at downtown’s Sound Gallery recording studio, Aaron Baum (Night Moves, Tiny Deaths), got into the habit of staying up all night working on songs together. In need of a female vocalist, they soon added Amy Hager, also of Fort Wilson Riot. Not long after, they dipped further into the Tiny Deaths talent pool to bring in drum and bass players Jared Isabella and Ben Clark. Not long after, the new band had written a 40-minute set’s worth of tight, contagious power pop. “After we figured out the name, that kind of informed the more smooth, R&B sound of Pornonono,” Mullis said. “We like the vibe of feeling like you can actually dance to each song,” added Hager. “Even if it’s slow, it’s just kind of sexy. Moving is the idea.”

Their current goings-on: The group is excited to have fun with the opening bands during the residency, such as their friends in B.O.Y.F. (Thu.) and C. Kostra (Feb. 26), with whom various members of ’nono have recorded before. “We think the residency will be a good way to tighten up and play once a week together,” Hager said.

Their plans: In the next few weeks they’ve scheduled time to work on re-recording everything they’ve got. They have a few singles to drop in the coming months, and they’re anticipating an official release in the spring. “Either an EP or, if we can do a full-length, we’ll do that,” Baum said. “There’s definitely enough songs.”

Our impression: Mullis described it best in a text to Baum: “Pornonono is a psychedelic R&B future myth in search of a time and place where we can dance ourselves into one unified body and soul.” Equal parts cosmic synths, huge choruses and ’80s-sounding guitar solos, Pornonono crafts dazzlingly smooth pop that grooves for days.



With: Pornonono, B.O.Y.F., AATS, DJ Makr.

When: 9 p.m. Thursdays in February.

Where: Nomad World Pub.

Tickets: Free.