Hardcore Devo Live

Where: Trylon Microcinema, 3258 Minnehaha Av., Mpls.

When: 7 (sold out) & 9 p.m. Wed.

Tickets: $10. www.take-up.org.

After founding member Bob Casale's sudden death last year, new wave/punk legends Devo paid tribute by taking to the stage for a 10-city tour to perform the music that started it all. The setlist highlighted the band's early experimental music written between 1974 and 1977, before Devo was picked up by Warner Bros. and found commercial success. The band brought on award-winning filmmaker Keirda Bahruth to document its Oakland, Calif., performance. The resulting footage creates the backdrop for "Hardcore Devo Live," which is interwoven with interviews detailing the band's history. Wednesday's Sound Unseen-presented screening is a must-see for truly hardcore Devo fans. Jahna Peloquin