The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul lifted their winter one-side-only parking restrictions Wednesday morning, citing the recent shift to milder weather.

The restrictions ended at 8 a.m. Wednesday in both cities.

The warming weather allowed the snow pack to melt and has returned streets to more normal conditions, the cities said in a joint news release.

Minneapolis first implemented winter parking restrictions Jan. 25, after significant snow accumulation narrowed residential streets and made it difficult for emergency vehicles to pass through.

The restrictions had prohibited parking on the even-numbered sides of most residential streets.

St. Paul did not declare its one-side parking restrictions until March 10, following the last heavy snowstorm, which led both cities to open temporary covered parking spaces for free.

Minneapolis' ban was set to last until April 1 if conditions did not improve, while St. Paul's was scheduled through April 15.

"We realize that putting in place additional parking restrictions was a challenge for many residents who need on-street parking," Sean Kershaw, director of St. Paul Public Works, said in the release. "Our plow and emergency vehicle drivers appreciated residents' compliance so they could continue to safely access and clear our streets this winter."

But, this being Minnesota, both cities warn they could still declare additional snow emergencies despite the end to winter parking restrictions.

Information on snow restrictions and parking rules can be found online at and