Minneapolis police officers responding to separate shootings Friday night were met with angry crowds that impeded them from doing their job, a department spokesman said Saturday.

Around 11:25 p.m. in the 3800 block of Chicago Avenue — near the site where George Floyd was killed by police May 25 — officers responded to a reported shooting. A man had shot himself, and bystanders were administering CPR, according to police.

Officers tried to provide aid upon their arrival but encountered "hostile" crowds that impeded them, police spokesman John Elder said. The man was taken to HCMC, where he died. Elder said it is not clear if the shooting was a suicide or an accident. Police are investigating.

About the same time, officers responded to a separate double shooting at S. 28th Avenue and E. 54th Street. Officers found two adults who had suffered non­critical gunshot wounds.

A man was arrested, a gun was recovered and the two victims were taken to HCMC, police say.

The scene became "chaotic," Elder said, with onlookers refusing commands to stay back. Police could "barely even get an investigation started" and additional officers had to be called in, he said.

Elder said officers are increasingly facing resistance from crowds when arriving at scenes. People are "grabbing ahold of officers and their equipment" and stepping in front of paramedics, he said. Earlier this week, officers were pelted with rocks and bottles as they tried to administer Narcan to someone who had overdosed and was without a pulse, Elder said.

"We continue to see people fail to obey lawful orders to stand back, to stay back while officers are trying to do their job. Having projectiles thrown at officers is not uncommon," Elder said.

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