When it comes to being fit, Minneapolis residents are right up there with anyone else in the country.

Men's Fitness magazine ranked the country's "Fittest/Fattest Cities," and the 11th annual survey put Salt Lake City at the top of the Fittest list. Minneapolis was third, with Colorado Springs wedged between.

Minneapolis scored high for several reasons, the magazine said.

Mayor R.T. Rybak sets a positive example, exercising up to five days a week and participating "in more fitness-related public events than most mayors in our survey."

The city's residents also scored well, because they don't watch so much television, but do participate in sports and activities such as running, cycling and walking, and have ample access to tennis courts, basketball courts, gyms, health clubs and golf courses.

Also, Minneapolis has the third-lowest number of doughnut outlets per capita, the magazine said its survey found. But on the flip side, ice cream shops are 38 percent more popular in Minneapolis than average.

Topping the "Fattest" list is Miami. The magazine said 61.5 percent of Miami residents are heavy enough to increase their risk for weight-related health problems, and the city has almost three times the number of fast-food restaurants as the average city.