Measles takes flight

Minnesota so far has escaped measles infections at a time when the country has seen more than 700 cases, but health officials know that an outbreak could be a plane ride away. The highly infectious disease is resurgent globally, and travelers from other countries have sparked 13 outbreaks and a scattering of isolated cases across 22 states, including Michigan, New York and California. Some parents are wondering what they should do before traveling with children younger than 12 months, the recommended age for the first dose of the measles vaccine. “If people are traveling, a first dose can be given as early as 6 months of age,” said Patsy Stinchfield, senior director of infection control at Children’s Minnesota. But the child would still need the standard two doses after age 1. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said travel is not recommended for anyone who lacks measles immunity. “People are concerned about airports, and I think that is a reasonable concern,” said Stinchfield.


Williamsburg alternative

While Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is a hub for tourism, Clinton Hill, just a few miles away, hasn’t lost its distinct sense of community, with appealing restaurants, cafes, bars and stores. Leon & Son on Fulton Avenue specializes in wallet-friendly domestic wines and offers tastings on Thursday and Friday evenings. The Good Batch Bakery tempts with its whoopee pies, vegan banana buns, ice cream sandwiches and other treats. Hops Hill has a long menu of craft beers. Over on Green Street, there’s the Finch, a Michelin-starred seasonal American restaurant in a renovated townhouse. On Myrtle Avenue, you can find eco-friendly housewares and gifts at Green in BKLYN. Finally, don’t miss 99 Ryerson St., the house that Walt Whitman once called home.

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Historic river trail

How might the Missouri River have appeared to Lewis and Clark when they navigated their way along it more than 200 years ago? Discover for yourself as you explore some of the last remaining natural stretches of America’s longest river, on the lookout for wildlife and scenic vistas and contemplating the significant history of the area. You’ll learn about the plants, animals and landscapes described in the Lewis and Clark journals and find out how the river has changed course over the years. The trail extends from Fort Randall Dam near Pickstown, S.D., to Sioux City, Iowa, mostly within the boundaries of the Missouri National Recreational River, or MNRR, a national park unit consisting of relatively free-flowing segments of the storied river (

Fliers might avoid 737 Max

In the weeks since Boeing 737 Max jets were grounded worldwide following a pair of catastrophic crashes, the company has focused its energy on returning the embattled new jet to service. But a survey released Tuesday suggests that the flying public could prove to be the plane’s toughest critics. In a survey of 1,765 fliers conducted by Barclays, 44% of respondents said they would wait a year or more before flying the 737 Max, compared with 39% who said they would do so within a few months of its re-entry into service. Only 20% said they would fly on a Max as soon as the grounding order is lifted, and 52% said they would rather fly on another type of aircraft. Only a few 737 Max flights served Minneapolis-St. Paul before the crashes.

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