Marlene Stollings received a one-time signing bonus of $200,000 and an annual raise of $200,000 to start with when she left Minnesota for Texas Tech earlier this week.

The Gophers paid their former women's basketball coach $500,000 last season. She'll make $700,000 next season ($900,000 with her bonus), and her salary will increase $20,000 in each of the five seasons of her agreement. A sixth season in the agreement is contingent on the Lady Raiders making the NCAA tournament twice in her first five years.

The Star Tribune obtained a signed agreement between Stollings and Texas Tech. An official contract will be presented to the Texas Tech's Board of Regents for its approval.

Stollings is also eligible to make up to $200,000 in supplemental compensation each season. She was introduced in Lubbock, Texas, on Wednesday and called the program a "sleeping giant."

Additional compensation listed on the agreement includes a Lubbock country club membership, a luxury vehicle and a $750,000 staff salary allowance.

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