"I'm a community builder by nature," said Meg Cowden. So when this Oregon-to-Minneapolis transplant and mother of two found herself missing the camaraderie of her Fulton neighborhood's annual festival, she got busy. Combining her commitment to locally raised foods with her desire to forge a weekly meet-and-greet with her neighbors, Cowden did her homework, teaming up with the well-established Kingfield Farmers Market and recruiting like-minded volunteers to create the Fulton Farmers Market, which debuted to great enthusiasm in 2011. "Making a farmers market is like planning a wedding," said Cowden, who is now treasurer of both markets. "It takes a lot of hours, but the beauty of it is that it doesn't happen once, it happens 25 times a year." Postscript: Last November, four days after the Fulton Farmers Market had its final outing of the season, the Cowdens moved. To Kingfield.