1. Steelers (6-0)

The most complete team in football when it comes to scoring and not being scored upon — although Baltimore might have something to say about that Sunday.

2. Ravens (5-1)

Lamar Jackson needs to lead better than the 31st-ranked passing attack to beat Pittsburgh and regain the top spot.

3. Chiefs (6-1)

As great as Patrick Mahomes is, Kansas City will never make it back to the Super Bowl playing defense this poorly.

4. Titans (5-1)

Someone buy old man Stephen Gostkowski a pair of cheaters so he can see the goalposts up close. He's 5-for-5 from 50-plus and 5-for-11 inside 50.

5. Buccaneers (5-2)

The Bucs couldn't have done this without TB. Take a bow … Todd Bowles.

6. Packers (5-1)

Aaron Rodgers said the Packers' offense would improve against Houston. Not exactly a Joe Namath guarantee there, Mr. State Farm.

7. Cardinals (5-2)

Kyler Murray outplayed the taller Russell Wilson, raised his record against Seattle to 2-1 and proved again that 5-10 is the new 5-11.

8. Seahawks (5-1)

Turns out Russell Wilson is human after all. But even his bad is still pretty good.

9. Rams (5-2)

Ninth in the league, third in their division. Welcome to the NFC West.

10. 49ers (4-3)

The injuries keep coming, but San Francisco's running game rolls on with 197 yards against the Patriots.

11. Bills (5-2)

Stefon Diggs and his fellow offensive stars better thank their defense after going 0-for-5 in the red zone in a stinker of a win.

12. Saints (4-2)

What would banged-up New Orleans do without Alvin Kamara? The NFL's leader in all-purpose yards had 148 on 22 touches in a three-point win over Carolina.

13. Bears (5-2)

Still … not … quite … buying … Da … Bears.

14. Browns (5-2)

Still want to bench Baker Mayfield? Didn't think so.

15. Raiders (3-3)

Dear Mr. Gruden, time to wake up. Byes aren't supposed to last two weeks.

16. Colts (4-2)

Are the Colts a good bad team or a bad good team? Yes.

17. Dolphins (3-3)

They say it's Tua Time! But is it? The Dolphins and Ryan Fitzpatrick were riding back-to-back wins by a combined score of 67-17.

18. Eagles (2-4-1)

Want to feel better about yourself? Beat the Giants, rest 10 days and host the Cowboys.

19. Lions (3-3)

Not to be a jerk or anything, but we're a week and a half from the possibility of a 1-6 Vikings team playing host to a Lions team that's 4-3 and riding a three-game winning streak. Uffda.

20. Panthers (3-4)

Give Teddy Bridgewater a running game — or a Christian McCaffrey — and he beats Drew Brees last Sunday.

21. Chargers (2-4)

Don't get too excited, Justin Herbert. You almost lost to Jacksonville.

22. Broncos (2-4)

Throw out those 15 to 20 major blunders, and the Broncos did some good things against Kansas City.

23. Patriots (2-4)

No uplifting comment. I'm on to 2021.

24. Bengals (1-5-1)

Better beat Joe Burrow while you can, folks.

25. Washington (2-5)

The Washington Not-So-Good Football Team has an NFC Least-leading 2-1 division record.

26. Falcons (1-6)

So the Falcons lost when they accidentally scored too quickly? Yeah, that pretty much sums up Atlanta's 2020 season.

27. Vikings (1-5)

For years, Mike Zimmer has been saying no one believes in his team. Unfortunately, for the first time, he's actually right.

28. Texans (1-6)

Houston hasn't scored a first-quarter point in four consecutive games. If only the Texans had a big-time playmaker that many consider the best receiver in football.

29. Giants (1-6)

Daniel Jones has the fastest upper body in football.

30. Jaguars (1-6)

Jacksonville has lost six in a row while giving up 30 or more points in each game. Now THAT'S how you Tank for Trevor.

31. Cowboys (2-5)

If you can throw a football and take a beating, contact Jerry Jones at 1-800-ITS-OVER.

32. Jets (0-7)

Whoa. Slow down, fellas. You might mess up and win.