A man wearing a fake beard robbed a bank branch inside a Golden Valley grocery store and fled with the loot, authorities said Monday.

The heist occurred late Friday afternoon at the U.S. Bank inside the Lunds & Byerlys on Duluth Street, just west of Hwy. 100, police said.

Along with the bogus beard, the man was wearing a yellow rain poncho, a Los Angeles Kings ball cap and bluejeans, according to police. He did not show a weapon or suggest that he was armed.

The man left with an undisclosed about of cash and remains at large, police said.

Police have bank surveillance images but have yet to decided whether to reveal those to the public.

Authorities have not been more specific about the man’s physical appearance because “the rain poncho doesn’t really give away his size and the fake beard covers much of his face,” said police spokeswoman Joanne Paul.