Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve’s surgically-repaired back must be feeling better. Shortly after surgery she was told not to yell. She even had an electronic whistle so she wouldn’t have to blow too hard on a real one.

But Reeve was loud Thursday during her team’s final practice before Friday’s opener in Washington. Very loud, in some ways unprintably so. Basically, she wasn’t happy.

“I was a little frustrated with our team,” she said afterward. She was also unhappy with the too-physical play of the men’s team the Lynx practice against, admonishing them once for knocking the Lynx players around too much. Reeve only has nine healthy players, after all.

Here are some other nuggets from today:

--Reeve on why the Lynx went with Tricia Liston over Waltiea Rolle with the final roster spot:

“Roger (Griffith, executive vice president) have been good through the years of formulating a plan and going out and staying the course,” she said. “We were challenged in this situation. We just felt like we want to keep an eye on the plan. Tricia was someone who was part of the plan. We didn’t want to make shortsighted decisions because we have an injury situation.”

--Not happy with the state of her three-point shot, Maya Moore stayed long after practice to work on it.

--The Lynx will continue to monitor the waiver wire as a means of improve the bench.

--It appears more and more likely that Damiris Dantas will be the fifth starter tomorrow night. 

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