Logan Morrison did outfielder drills with coach Jeff Pickler during batting practice over the weekend. You could tell how long it had been since he had been out there just by looking at his bright-blue-with-gold-laces glove.

“Yeah, Rays colors, right?” Morrison said. “I’ve had it awhile. But it needs to be broken in.”

That’s because Morrison never actually played the outfield at Tampa Bay; he hasn’t stood in the outfield since 2015 when he was with Seattle, and hasn’t done so as his primary position since 2012 with Miami.

But he went to Twins manager Paul Molitor recently and volunteered to go back out there if Molitor needed to make a switch during a game.

“It’s a long summer of baseball. People get hurt. Some days you get a little shorthanded,” Molitor said. With the Twins headed to St. Louis, where the designated hitter won’t be in use, Morrison wanted the manager to know he can still make himself useful.

“It makes the lineup more flexible. I don’t think I’m going to be Willie Mays out there, but I can pick it up and throw it to the right base,” Morrison said. “I just wanted to get some work out there so he doesn’t hesitate if the need arises.”

Sunday’s game was Morrison’s ninth start at first base, and he wouldn’t mind being on the field more. This is the first season of Morrison’s eight-year career in which he’s primarily been the DH, with 17 starts so far.

“It’s definitely an adjustment, one I’m still looking to make. To be honest, I’d rather feel like I’m part of the game, playing the outfield, instead of DH-ing all the time,” Morrison said. “I’m not saying that I’m not [happy] at DH, but it’s half the game, playing defense.”