Reuters is apparently hiring people kicked out of Run-on-Sentence Rehab Clinic:


For American skiing champion Lindsey Vonn hurtling 85-miles-an-hour down an icy slope is nowhere near as nerve-racking as making her acting debut in her favorite television show "Law and Order." . . . Vonn has suffered a list of skiing injuries but she said it was scarier to take on the role of an office assistant called Alicia who has a vital clue in a case involving a terrorist.

Good for her. That’s one of the perks of fame: you can appear on your favorite shows. Unless your favorite show is “COPS.” They’d get great ratings if Lindsey chased crooks on a motorized skateboard and brought them down with harpoons, but the integrity of the brand might be compromised. 


 “Law & Order” may be cancelled, by the way; rumors say it’s done after two decades, which means it wouldn't break Gunsmoke’s record as the longest-running drama. Ratings have been sagging, and executives who can't possibly claim any credit for its longevity are itching to replace it.

Vonn has even started a Facebook page entitled "Save Law & Order!" She will appear in the May 24 season finale.

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