The 112th Congress has yet to be sworn in, but Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Michele Bachmann are already preparing for the next election 23 months away.

Klobuchar, Bachmann, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee all sent fundraising e-mails to supporters Tuesday, urging them to start donating for 2012 before the end of 2010.

The DSCC’s letter, written by new chair Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, admitted “it is early” to seek donations as it asked for money, while Klobuchar’s letter sought contributions before the “December 31 end-of-year deadline.”

Both Democratic fundraising pleas warned about a post-Citizens United world of outside spending and special interest money going after Democrats, a 2010 fundraising theme that will likely continue over the next two years.

Democrats are facing a very difficult election cycle in the Senate in 2012, as they have to defend 23 seats and Republicans have only 10 up for grabs.

Bachmann’s letter, sent through her political committee MICHELEPAC, focused on signing a petition not to raise the debt ceiling, before asking supporters to contribute before “an important fundraising deadline Friday at midnight.”

Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite and prolific fundraiser, has already sent out several e-mails since Nov. 2 asking for donations.

The dust has barely settled on the 2010 election, but rumors have already started swirling about whether Bachmann, who raised a House record $13.2 million in 2010, will challenge Klobuchar for Senate in 2012.

Bachmann has made no indication she plans to run, though a spokesman says nothing’s been ruled out. Still, at least one Klobuchar supporter said there’s “concern” about a Bachmann Senate bid because of her fundraising ability and national profile.

In a hypothetical Senate matchup, Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling found earlier this month that Klobuchar led Bachmann by 17 points.