The man who along with his girlfriend disrupted a Los Angeles-bound flight last month, prompting the pilot to swing the aircraft back to the Twin Cities airport, will not be charged, his attorney said Thursday.

Blake Fleisig, 35, of Los Angeles, and Anna C. Koosmann, 36, were arrested Dec. 28 by police at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport while still on the Delta airliner.

Fleisig was arrested and cited by police for disorderly conduct. Koosmann also was arrested, then cited for disorderly conduct as well as obstructing the legal process.

Defense attorney Alex Spiro said Fleisig “will not be prosecuted for any offense whatsoever. This was solidified in the last day or two.”

Prosecutor Christopher Renz all but confirmed Spiro’s information, saying, “Right now, I don’t anticipate any charges.”

Misdemeanor charges remain against Koosmann, listed by police as being from Edina but shown in court records to be a resident of Los Angeles. She is due in court Feb. 24. Her attorney, Ryan Garry, said he was aware there would be no charges filed against Fleisig.

Two weeks ago, Flight 2565 left about 6:20 p.m. only to show up back at the Twin Cities airport at 7:35 p.m.

A passenger who captured some of the episode on video said Koosmann wanted to use the bathroom, but became agitated after being ordered back to her seat. Police led the couple off the plane as fellow passengers jeered, prompting Fleisig to take a swing at one of the passengers, said Patrick Whalen, who shot the video and posted it on YouTube.