The Twins added another well-known name to the rotation in their broadcast booth rotation, debuting former pitcher LaTroy Hawkins alongside Dick Bremer Tuesday night on Fox Sports North.

Hawkins, also a special assistant for the organization, impressed viewers with his personality, insight to the game and candid storytelling.

After kicking off the broadcast by calling Bremer by his given name, Richard, Hawkins appeared to settle into the new role. Bremer tweeted Monday night, "Despite some stumbles, false starts and nervousness, I thought we had a good telecast tonight. Oh, and I thought [Hawkins] was great!"

Hawkins replied, "You were Great as usual #Richard."

Field reporter Marney Gellner said she asked around the clubhouses Monday for dirt on Hawkins and only received compliments about the former pitcher in return. Then Hawkins riled up viewers with his response.

"Well, I can't believe they didn't tell you about the fight that I got into in 2014 with one of my teammates, Tommy Kahnle. I'm surprised they didn't tell you about that," he said laughing.

Bremer responded, "Tommy Kahnle, the guy that is now with the White Sox. That guy? … It was just good-natured, right?"

Hawkins replied, "No. One of the worst teammates I've ever had in my life. By far. I've had a lot of teammates."

The group enjoyed a good laugh and then quickly moved on from the topic.

Hawkins played 21 years in the big leagues with 11 teams. He was drafted by the Twins out of high school in 1991 and made his major-league debut in 1995. Hawkins played nine seasons with the Twins and retired in 2015 with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Hawkins impressed the local media and fans with his debut performance.

"Good to see [Hawkins] in the booth. One of the best people I've covered," Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan tweeted.'s Nick Nelson tweeted, "LaTroy Hawks was enjoyably candid as a guest #WinterMeltdown and the same has been true in his broadcast debut on @fsnorth tonight."

ESPN 1500's Phil Mackey tweeted, "Seriously smart stuff from LaTroy tonight."

Twins fan Nick Peters said, "[Hawkins] nailed it on TV tonight… Wow was that good!"

Torii Hunter debuted last month in the Twins broadcast booth to similar positive reviews. The successful debuts should mean more opportunities for Hawkins and Hunter.

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