1. Cleveland Indians: Strong pitching rotation and outfielder Michael Brantley finally healthy.

2. Boston Red Sox: Addition of pitcher Chris Sale makes them the favorites.

3. Houston Astros: Awesome lineup. Rotation, after Dallas Keuchel, needs to step up.

4. Toronto Blue Jays: Just might be able to absorb loss of Edwin Encarnacion to Indians.

5. Texas Rangers: They will trade for a starting pitcher. They have to.

6. Baltimore Orioles: They also need a starter. Power, bullpen are covered.

7. Seattle Mariners: Does their aging core have a run left in it?

8. Detroit Tigers: Poor defense and bullpen issues will doom them.

9. Kansas City Royals: A year removed from a championship, pitching staff is not as menacing as it once was.

10. New York Yankees: A team to watch. Young core is trying to emerge.

11. Los Angeles Angels: They are wasting the best years of superstar Mike Trout’s career.

12. Minnesota Twins: Plenty of upside here, just not on the pitching staff.

13. Tampa Bay Rays: Where are the runs going to come from?

14. Chicago White Sox: Young talent makes them dangerous — just not in 2017.

15. Oakland Athletics: No “impact moves” means another long season.


1. Chicago Cubs: We are all witnesses to a new dynasty on the North Side.

2. Washington Nationals: I’m just not a fan of putting Adam Eaton back in center.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers: Should have ponied up and traded for Brian Dozier.

4. San Francisco Giants: Still dangerous, but depth will be an issue.

5. New York Mets: Rotation can be great when everyone is healthy.

6. St. Louis Cardinals: They will try to do it with defense and little power.

7. Colorado Rockies: They won’t be a pushover. And pitcher Jon Gray is a gem.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates: Will Andrew McCutchen be happy after offseason trade rumors?


9. Miami Marlins: Can Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich put this team on their backs?

10. Philadelphia Phillies: In the middle of a rebuild, the Phils are years away.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks: Zack Greinke and Shelby Miller deals set them back years.

12. Milwaukee Brewers: Youth movement is underway. Watch second baseman Jonathan Villar.

13. Atlanta Braves: They move into a new park with a young team, except for ageless Bartolo Colon.

14. Cincinnati Reds: Free Joey Votto from a team with no future.

15. San Diego Padres: Move along please. Nothing to see here, other than Wil Myers.