Karl-Anthony Towns said he was asleep when his Twitter account had Wolves fans in a tizzy Thursday morning.

The Wolves center's verified account had "liked" a tweet that had the hashtag "#freekat," a message that would seem to imply Towns might want out of Minnesota after just one playoff appearance in seven seasons. He said his agent alerted him to the kerfuffle and Towns claimed he was hacked and then changed his password.

"It only takes one person to try to be a crazy fan, to want to do something, be great at technology," Towns said. "I think everyone, there's so many ways now with coding and how easy and accessible it is to get into people's things or to take good guesses or bots or whatever the case may be. I'm part of that world for streaming and everything so I understand."

After practice, Towns did some more damage control and reaffirmed his desire to stay in Minnesota.

"Sorry to the Wolves fans," Towns said. "I ain't want to cause no hysteria or anything like that. But just know I'm very happy. I know we're on a skid so it came at the worst possible time, that little hacking. Just know I'm very happy here. I'm excited to hopefully build more years here, not just this year."