John Remes, general manager at KARE-TV for 24 years, informed his staff Thursday that he'll retire at the end of the year.

"What an honor and privilege it has been to be a part of KARE 11. Together, we have accomplished so much," he said in a Zoom call to colleagues. "We have made our cities and state a better place to live and are rightly renowned as one of the best stations in the country.

"What a delight it is to get stopped on the street and hear from viewers that it was us who made them laugh, made them cry or made them angry about an injustice we uncovered. Or maybe we just made them smarter or made their day better. It is an awesome responsibility to know that we can have such an impact in people's lives."

Remes has been with the NBC affiliate for 36 years. He said he is making his decision known well in advance so there is ample time for a smooth transition.

Some of KARE's on-air talent were quick to share their thoughts on Twitter.

"You changed the course of my life with your support," posted anchor Randy Shaver.

"Thrilled for your new chapter and forever thankful for you kindness and for being a timeless champion for us," tweeted reporter Lindsey Seavert.

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