On a rainy Friday in May 2009 I was lucky enough to be sitting in a living room that had two things guaranteed to provide beauty and amazement: a piano and Jeanne Arland Peterson. Her obit’s here. This is what she played. It has no name as far as a I know, and probably didn’t exist in this form before she sat down. It’s improv.



It’s a great talent we’ve lost.



SODA I’m partial to cherry 7-Up, but that really isn’t 7-up, is it? It’s something added to make you think you’re not really drinking 7-up. But that may just be my opinion; never liked the stuff, and always associated it with being sick. Warm 7-up on a queasy stomach. You like it. It likes you. I missed out on the glory days when it was Lithiated, but I don’t think that would have helped.

Never could figure out why someone decided “Lemon-Lime” was a flavor that needed inventing. Each is distinct. It’s not as if anyone ever said “I hate lemons but I love limes, so I’ll try that soft-drink in the hopes that the latter flavor ameliorates the distasteful qualities of the former.”

Anyway, Seven-Up has a new way to distribute carbonated fluids:

The Melting Machine is a new guerrilla marketing technique that has been set up in Buenos Aeries by the soft drink brand. It’s a ‘vending’ machine made entirely from ice and offers up a unique way to get a cold drink on a hot day.

Guerillas usually don't stand in the middle of the street and hand out soda, but never mind. See below:



The best part about embedding YouTube commercials? No commercials before the commercial. For now.

Not to be outdone, Coke strikes back:

Coca Cola just launched a new bottle that’s as cool as ice. The soda megabrand is offering Coke to its Colombian market, served in a chilled bottle made of ice.

So it’s ice that’s as cool as ice. Got it. You know that people are complaining that this really isn’t “sustainable design,” because it takes energy to make ice. Unless the ice was harvested from the lake in the winter and kept indoors under straw until now.

How long did the ice last, anyway? Wouldn’t they run out around late August?