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It soon might be decision time for any team that wants to trade for San Diego holdout wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

The NFL and NFLPA are engaged in settlement talks that will reduce Jackson's suspension from six games to five or four in the event he is traded, according to ESPN.

The Vikings have been rumored to be one of the teams that is interested in Jackson. If you haven't been following his situation, here is a blog post on it from last night.

Jackson was scheduled to have an arbitration hearing this morning to decide whether he would have to sit out three or six games to begin this season. The NFLPA argued that it should be only three games if Jackson was traded, but the NFL wanted him to sit out six no matter what happened.

There is no doubt that Jackson could help the Vikings depleted receiving corps but there would be three questions that would need to be answered: 1) Would the Vikings be OK with how long Jackson would have to sit? 2) Could they reach an agreement on a contract with Jackson (a restricted free agent, whose rights belong to the Chargers) and 3) Could they come to terms on a trade with the Chargers?

By the way, I asked the NFL today if the clock started ticking on Jackson's suspension in Week 1 -- remember he isn't signed to a contract -- and was told I'd receive an answer later in the day.

There's still plenty that must happen before Jackson is moved, but it appears we are getting closer to this situation playing out.