Each of the top four teams in this week’s national college football recruiting rankings comes from a different conference, and all five power conferences have a representative in the top 10.

Ohio State of the Big Ten, Texas of the Big 12, Georgia of the SEC and Miami of the ACC make up the top four — a rebirth of sorts for programs that were dominant in the 1980s and ’90s. That throwback feeling continues throughout the top 10, from No. 5 Penn State to No. 10 Washington. Only the SEC has more than two teams in the top 10, with three.


National rankings

Ranked by 247sports.com composite ranking, with the number of five- and four-star recruits in parentheses:

1. Ohio State (19)

2. Texas (16)

3. Georgia (12)

4. Miami, Fla. (14)

5. Penn State (10)

6. Notre Dame (10)

7. Alabama (11)

8. Oklahoma (9)

9. Auburn (14)

10. Washington (8)