Is toe hair weird?  Why are my feet ticklish? Is it mean to zone out with a magazine? And what’s with Tippi Hedren? A licensed cosmetologist helps you put your best foot forward.

How sanitary is that foot tub, really?
It should be very sanitary. After every pedicure, the technician must scrub the tub with soap and water, then disinfect the bowl for 10 minutes. If the bowl has pipes, he or she must remove the screens in the tub and clean those, too, since they can trap clipped nails and dead skin.

Should I shave my legs first?
We prefer that you don’t shave, because you might create little nicks or open pores that could lead to infection. The more hair you leave, the softer it feels on our hands for your leg massage.

Speaking of that, if my massage seems short, can I ask for more?
You learn in school to do a 10-minute leg and foot massage, which is five minutes on each leg. Massage is important for circulation, and eases aches and pains. Ask when you make your appointment how long massages are.

Is toe hair weird?
Most everyone has hair on their toes and/or tops of their feet. The more you have, the better the circulation in your feet. If you don’t like it, your aesthetician can wax it off.

Does a technician ever cut too close and draw blood? If so, what should I do?
In the rare case that this occurs, he or she should immediately stop the service, explain what happened, put on gloves and clean the area thoroughly. Make sure he or she disinfects the tool being used and gets a new tool. Do not return that foot to the water. Leave it out on the foot rest.

What if I’m super-ticklish?
We practice deep breathing techniques with you and massage more firmly. Soft, feathery massaging actually creates tickles.

Is it OK to read a magazine or look at my phone? I feel bad not talking.
We are not there to be entertained. We know you are there to relax. If your pedicurist is too chatty, lean back and close your eyes. They’ll get the hint.

How long do I need to stay under the dryer?
Five to 10 minutes. If you smudge your polish, you can come back and get it fixed for free. You are our walking advertisement, so we want them to look perfect.

What’s the average cost of a pedicure?
From $25 to more than $100. Tips are typically 10 to 20 percent.

How do I make sure my technician isn’t being exploited?
Federal and state labor laws require fair and equal treatment, and minimum wages, that are governed by the State of Minnesota. Employers who ignore these laws could be subject to fines or cancellation of their license.

Is it true that many owners and operators in this industry hail from Asia and, if so, why?
We have many nationalities in the salon industry. Nail technician training and licensure is only 350 hours (approximately three months) at a cost of $3,000 to $4,000, which makes it a very quick vocational education for those who want to start a career. It is also true that Tippi Hedren was a major influencer in the nail industry. She led many Vietnamese refugees to become nail technicians.

Why do more guys seem to be sitting next to me?
More guys are wearing sandals in the summer. Once they get a pedicure, they realize how nice it feels.

Answers provided by Georgina Davis, Twin Cities-based licensed cosmetologist, and owner of Cosmetology Education Group, specializing in continuing education for the beauty industry.