August Temps in Minneapolis

We're halfway through the month of August and temperatures are running pretty close to average in Minneapolis. The warmest day was 95F on the 2nd, which tied for the 5th warmest day of 2022 so far this year. The coolest morning low was on the 8th at 56F.

August Precipitation in Minneapolis

Through the first half of the month, Minneapolis is actually running above average for precipitation. The wettest day of the month was on the 12th, when 0.95" of rain fell, which interestingly was the 2nd wettest day of the year so far.

9th Driest Summer on Record at MSP

Believe it or not, but there are only 2.5 weeks of meteorological summer left and so far, it has been the 9th driest June 1st - August 15th on record at MSP. The metro is nearly 6" below average precipitation for the summer so far, while St. Cloud is nearly 1" above average this summer. Below are the driest June 1st - August 15th on record at the Minneapolis Airport

Summer Precipitation

Here's how much rain has fallen across the region so far this summer (since June 1st). Interestingly, Minneapolis has seen some of the lowest amount of rain totals along with Baudette. Meanwhile, Rochester, Madison and Mason City have seen more than 1 foot of rain this summer.

Weather Outlook

Here's the weather outlook from AM Tuesday to AM Monday. Weather conditions will be a little unsettled in a few spots around the Upper Midwest through the rest of the week with spotty showers and T-storms. It looks like there is a better chance for more widespread showers & storms later this week, especially Friday & Saturday.

Precipitation Potential

The extended precipitation outlook through the week and weekend ahead shows areas of heavier rainfall across the northern part of the state with some +1" tallies possible. Lighter rain amounts will be found across the southern half of the state, but still up to 0.5" can't be ruled out.

Minnesota Drought Update

Here's the latest drought update across Minnesota. Severe drought decreased a little from nearly 4% last week to less than 3% this week. Moderate drought decreased from nearly 14% to nearly 11% this.

Weather Outlook on Tuesday

The weather outlook for Tuesday shows slightly unsettled weather moving into the Upper Midwest. There could be a few isolated t-showers here in there late in the day, but it won't be too widespread. Highs will warm into the 70s and 80s, which will be at or slightly below average for mid August.

Weather Outlook Tuesday

The weather outlook for Minneapolis on Tuesday shows temps warming to near 80F in the afternoon with isolated showers and storms possible. It won't be a washout, but there could be a couple of pockets of heavy rainfall in a few locations.

Meteograms for Minneapolis

The hourly forecast for Minneapolis on Tuesday shows temperatures starting in the low/mid 60s and warming to near 80F by the afternoon. Southerly winds should be fairly light through much of the day as well.

Extended Temperature Outlook For Minneapolis

The extended temperature outlook for Minneapolis shows near average temperatures through midweek with cooler than average temps returning late week and into the weekend. Note that the average high dips into the upper 70s by the last week of the month. Enjoy the warmth while you can, it'll be gone before we know it.

Extended Weather Outlook For Minneapolis

The extended weather outlook over the next 7 days shows temps warming to near 80F through Thursday and into the 70s Friday and into the weekend. Spotty showers and storms will be possible with a better chance of rain on Friday & Saturday.

Extended Temperature Outlook For Minneapolis

According to the NBM & ECMWF extended temperature outlook, temperatures over the next several days will be close to average. Readings will likely bounce around the 70s and 80s through the 2nd half of the month.

8 to 14 Day Temperature Outlook

According to NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, the 8 to 14 day temperature outlook shows above average temps across the northern tier of the nation and the Western US, while cooler than average temps are in place across the central and southern US.

8 to 14 Day Precipitation Outlook

According to NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, the 8 to 14 Day precipitation outlook shows drier weather in place across the Midwest. However, the southern two-thirds of the looks wetter and more active.

Increasingly Soggier Days Ahead
By Todd Nelson, filling in for Douglas

Knock, knock. Who's there? Accordion. Accordion who? Accordion to the weather forecast, it's going to rain tomorrow! Sorry for the dad joke, but I couldn't resist, it's National Joke Day!

All joking aside, it has been a pretty warm and dry summer thus far. Minneapolis is sitting at the 9th driest and 14th warmest June 1st - August 15th on record. The summer season is nearly 6 inches below average at the MSP Airport with thin sliver of severe drought stretching across the metro into the Minnesota River Valley.

Things are looking increasingly soggier this week with the best chance of more widespread rains across the northern half of the state through Midweek. Showers and storms become more likely across the southern half of the state later in the week, which may help ease the drought.

A few local lawns are still brown, but the upcoming cooler and somewhat wetter weather could help bring a few light shades of green to a neighborhood near you.

Remember, rain that never comes to fruition is a 'mist' opportunity. Sorry, #DadJoke

Extended Forecast

TUESDAY: Partly sunny. T-showers? Winds: SE 5. High: 80.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Slight chance of showers. Winds: SE 5. Low: 63.

WEDNESDAY: Mix of clouds and sun. Isolated storms. Winds: SSE 5. High: 80.

THURSDAY: Showers and storms more likely late. Winds: SW 5-10. Wake-up: 64. High: 80.

FRIDAY: Scattered rain and rumbles. Winds: SSW 5-10. Wake-up: 63. High: 76.

SATURDAY: Lingering clouds and t-showers. Winds: ENE 5-10. Wake-up: 62. High: 75.

SUNDAY: Shower possible early. Peeks of pm sun. Winds: ESE 5-10. Wake-up: 61. High: 77.

MONDAY: Stray afternoon shower risk. Winds: ESE 5-10. Wake-up: 62. High: 79.

This Day in Weather History

August 16th

1981: Chilly temperatures are felt across Minnesota. Tower reports a low of 33 degrees.

Average High/Low for Minneapolis

August 16th

Average High: 81F (Record: 99F set in 1988)

Average Low: 63F (Record: 47F set in 1962)

Record Rainfall: 1.97" set in 2002

Record Snowfall: None

Sunrise/Sunset Times for Minneapolis

August 15th

Sunrise: 6:16am

Sunset: 8:17pm

Hours of Daylight: ~14 hours & 01 minutes

Daylight LOST since yesterday: ~ 2 minutes & 47 seconds

Daylight LOST since Winter Solstice (December 21st): ~ 1 hour & 36 minutes

Moon Phase for August 16th at Midnight

1.9 Before Last Quarter Moon

National High Temps Monday

The weather outlook on Tuesday shows temps running above average across the southern US and the western US. Meanwhile, folks in the Midwest, Great Lakes and into the Eastern US will be cooler than average.

National Weather Outlook

Weather conditions through Wednesday will be a little unsettled in the Desert Southwest and into the Plains. Some of the storms could produce locally heavy rains and perhaps a few isolated strong to severe storms. There will also be storms across the Gulf Coast States with areas of heavy rain.

Extended Precipitation Outlook

According to NOAA's Weather Prediction Center, areas of heavier precipitation will be found in the Desert Southwest with more monsoon storms. There will also be areas of heavier rain in the Central US and the Gulf Coast States.

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