Address: 3601 E. 44th St., Minneapolis

Type: Affordable multifamily housing

Units: 251

Developers: Lupe Development Partners, Wall Cos., Ecumen

Architect: Pope Architects

Details: One year after landing exclusive redevelopment rights for a 3.5-acre Minneapolis Public Works storage site, a development team has floated concept plans for Snelling Yards, an affordable multifamily housing project.

The site is located along Snelling Avenue between E. 44th and 45th streets, about two blocks from the 46th Street light-rail station. Apartment developers Lupe Development Partners and Wall Cos. teamed with nonprofit senior-housing provider Ecumen on the proposal. When city officials selected the group last year, they envisioned 203 units of affordable rental housing in two separate buildings on the site.

In the concept submitted last month to city planners, however, the project had grown to 251 units. The site plan shows 130 affordable units for seniors in a building at the corner of Snelling Avenue and 45th Street; and 121 units of “workforce” housing in a second structure along 44th Street. Their heights have also grown from four to five stories.

The developers said in a submitted narrative that both buildings would reserve units to serve long-term homeless residents and those with disabilities, to be managed by Simpson Housing Services. Units would also be designated for priority housing placement and case management by Hennepin County.