Which 2019 Vikings season has been your favorite?

The one where Dalvin Cook played like an MVP, and the offense looked like it had found a more versatile version of Adrian Peterson, or the one in which Cook feels like he was the slab of beef in the original "Rocky" movie?

The one where Kirk Cousins cost his team victories in Green Bay and Chicago, sending doom tremors through the fan base and exciting his antagonists in the national media? Or the one in which Cousins became one of the NFL's most efficient passers and steadiest personalities?

The one where the defense looked like Purple People Eaters, or the one where they look like retreaters?

The one in which cornerback depth looked like a strength, or the one in which it dissipated like the marine layer in the late morning over Santa Monica Pier?

The one in which Cousins' receivers seemed to hate him, or the one in which they acted like they want to have sleepovers with him every night?

The NFL isn't always pretty, and the league can be downright wrongheaded and inhuman, but it does epicness better than any entertainment vehicle that doesn't employ CGI dragons or lightsabers.

The Vikings are proof. Every week has been a miniseries. They've featured sniping receivers, an apologizing quarterback, key injuries, a cornerback sideline tantrum, wrenching losses, redemptive victories and now this:

The 10-4 Vikings will play the 11-3 Green Bay Packers at U.S. Bank Stadium on Monday with the NFC North title still undecided.

Does it get any better than this? By which I mean, does it get any better than this when Brett Favre isn't on the field?

This season is why all of those fans who claim they're quitting the Purple if they don't win it all are always lying. Yes, tickets are expensive, but think about the number of watchable television hours the Vikings and NFL provide.

Video (04:22) Vikings coach Mike Zimmer says turnovers and roster depth helped the team beat the Chargers on Sunday.

This weekend, the intrigue surrounding them only grew.


• They beat the Chargers 39-10 but before Danielle Hunter started stealing the ball, the Chargers were torching the Vikings' cornerbacks on third down.

Xavier Rhodes, who has been hampered by an ankle injury, left the game because of a calf injury. The Vikings face Aaron Rodgers on Monday and will have to beat a quality quarterback in the playoffs to advance. Can their corners hold up?

• The Vikings built their offense around Cook and now he has two bad shoulders. Can he perform like a star without fumbling or is the offensive emphasis about to change back to Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen?

• In the past two games, we've been reminded that Hunter is a historically good player — a future Hall of Famer who might be the best large athlete the Vikings have employed since the improbably great Randall McDaniel.

Could he be peaking athletically and piquing interest at the right time?

• The Vikings could finish 12-4, yet enter the playoffs as a low seed required to go on the road. Have they timed one of their better seasons poorly, considering that the NFC in 2019 has five 10-win teams already and the Rams could make it six?

What we know for sure is that the Vikings and Packers have again become the most relevant rivalry in the NFC North, and that there remains a chance the Vikings will visit Lambeau Field in the playoffs.

Cousins is 1-1-1 against the Packers. He is known, fairly or not, for losing big games and prime-time games. The last time he faced them, Cousins threw a killing interception in the end zone that ultimately could cost the Vikings the division title and all the benefits that would have brought.

That game, in and of itself, felt like a month of games.

So which of the Vikings' 2019 seasons is your favorite?

You may want to wait another week or two or four before answering.

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