The Vikings will ...

• Make the playoffs with one more win, or a loss by the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams (8-6) have the conference record tiebreaker edge on the Vikings (10-4).

• Win the NFC North with two victories and two Green Bay losses. The Packers (11-5) have the tiebreaker, record within the division.

• Have a mathematical chance to be seeded anywhere in the top six except fourth, which will go to the NFC East champion.

• Likely be the No. 6 seed, according to They have a 65% chance at No. 6, 24% chance at No. 5, 5% at No. 3, 2% for No. 2 and less than 1% for No. 1.

• Be the No. 1 seed if they win two and no other NFC team reaches 12 wins (the Seahawks and 49ers would have to tie in Week 17).