The Vikings' 2020 season just ended with a 37-35 win in Detroit, but the 2021 opponents are already set with divisional standings solidifying around the NFL.

The final domino to fall came with the Giants beating the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon, meaning Dallas will head back to U.S. Bank Stadium next season after finishing third in the NFC East to match the Vikings' third-place finish in the NFC North.

The Vikings will also face every team in the NFC West and AFC North divisions, and travel to the third-place finisher in the NFC South: the Carolina Panthers. And, yes, the Vikings are even hosting the Seahawks this time after traveling to CenturyLink Field for three straight years.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, who just qualified for the playoffs with an 11-5 season in his first year with Cleveland, will return to Minnesota. He spent 14 years as a Vikings assistant before taking his first NFL head coaching job after the 2019 season.

Here is a complete list of the Vikings' 2021 opponents:


Chicago Bears

Dallas Cowboys

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Los Angeles Rams

Seattle Seahawks

Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers


Arizona Cardinals

Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers

Chicago Bears

Cincinnati Bengals

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

San Francisco 49ers

A 17th regular season game may be inevitable, but it's not yet set in stone. Commissioner Roger Goodell said last month the league is maintaining its flexibility while negotiating television deals. For the Vikings, the 17th game would reportedly be interleague with the NFC North facing the AFC West, so it would be against the third-place Chargers with the location to be determined.