On Tuesday, we noted that ex-Vikings punter Mitch Berger was going to be on "The Millionaire Matchmaker" that night. We put out a call for guest post reviews, and as luck would have it two people came through -- one male, one female. Here they are!

First, from reader Benjamin:

As a first time viewer, I found the show to be full of laughs, love, and dating show clichés- a real crowd pleaser.

The episode focuses on two millionaire bachelors, Joe, who runs an event planning company, and somewhat reminded me of a chubby Ari Gold, and Mitch Berger, who was the Vikings punter during the late ‘90s. The show opens with the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger asking Berger what he wants in a woman, and basically, he is ready to slow down from the playboy lifestyle of being an NFL punter, settle down, and have a big family with the right girl, now that he is a venture capitalist in Vancouver. The matchmaker then brings in former NBAer John Salley to coach Berger on how to meet women as a retired athlete. He coaches him to not mention he’s an NFL player, lest women fall for him for the wrong reasons.

Patti Stanger then organizes a mixer for the guys to meet a dozen or so women, where Berger proves that even though he’s retired from the NFL, he’s still got game when it comes to the ladies. He selects Bambi (yes, like the deer) who works as a host for Playboy Radio. Mitch and Bambi go on a horseback riding date followed by a home cooked meal at Mitch’s Malibu beach house. The two really hit it off, and Mitch even got the first kiss. You might say he overkicked his punt coverage, as the lovely Bambi was clearly smitten. Event Planner Joe on the other hand, was not so lucky. After taking his choice, Melissa, to meet an artist and do some drawings followed by dinner, she quickly friend-zoned him. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Bambi and Mitch were still together and were thinking about moving in together.

As a first time Millionaire Matchmaker watcher, football fan, and hopeless romantic, I enjoyed the show. It had the right mixture of pretty girls, awkward dates, and an NFL punter love story to keep even the most passive viewer such as myself intrigued.

Nice overkicked his coverage reference. Chris Kluwe knows where to find you on Twitter.

And now Karla!

Peter Pan Finds His Wendy, It Just Happens To Be A Bambi

Apparently being a pseudo-famous, ex-athlete is not all it's cracked up to be in the game of love. Having dated a lot of women and lived a Peter Pan-lifestyle, former Minnesota Vikings punter Mitch Berger is bored with women who sleep with him too soon (sigh). Alas, Berger is looking for a "girl" of substance.

But, how can Berger find that special someone when women are only attracted to,"Mitch, the ex-NFLer that's played for 11 NFL teams"? It seems nearly impossible to weed out those nasty gold diggers. But, have no fear, when all seems lost there is a perfect solution- reality TV show, Millionaire Matchmaker!!

Trust has to be earned and Berger is warned not to introduce himself as an ex-NFLer. Mitch takes this sage advice and runs with it, waiting an entire 2 minutes to tell his potential love interest Bambi (No, she wasn't named after a stripper, silly. Her mom loved the movie Bambi ...Geesh!) that he's a former professional football player.

In what seems like a millionaire match made in heaven, Bambi giddily responds, "So that means your kids are going to be athletes? Yea!! Because I plan to be a team mom."

Insert touchdown dance and fairy dust here.

Unfortunately, former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, Matthew Hatchette's stint on Millionaire Matchmaker a couple years ago didn't come with a fairytale ending.

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