Q: There was a remake of the TV show "The Fugitive" about 20 years ago on CBS. It lasted one season. Is the show out on DVD?

A: "The Fugitive" has a long history in TV and movies. The original series starring David Janssen as the wrongly accused Richard Kimble originally aired from 1963 to 1967; the finale, where Kimble was exonerated, set records for TV viewing. Then came the 1993 film, with Harrison Ford as Kimble and Tommy Lee Jones as his pursuer, Samuel Gerard (Gerard had been named Philip in the TV series). Jones won a best supporting actor Oscar for his performance and played Gerard again in the 1998 movie "U.S. Marshals." Then we get to 2000, where Tim Daly was Kimble and Mykelti Williamson was Gerard (once again Philip). The series indeed lasted a single season. And now we have a new "The Fugitive" on streaming service Quibi, with different names but a similar premise, Boyd Holbrook as the fugitive and Kiefer Sutherland in pursuit.

But getting back to your question, the 2000-01 "The Fugitive" is not on an authorized DVD that I know of, nor have I heard of any plans for one.

Dude, the show exists

Q: Some time back we watched several episodes of a survival type show involving four or five former military special forces members. The idea was that one member of the group would be "kidnapped" with only odd items to survive and find his way to civilization in a certain amount of time. Do you know the name of this show, what channel it was on and if it is available anywhere today?

A: That was "Dude, You're Screwed!" which aired on Discovery for two seasons in 2013-14. Amazon Prime Video has it.

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