We've never really understood the dynamic of bringing a sign to a major sporting event -- ostensibly to show support for a team, but really (admit it!) with the hopes of getting noticed by a lot of people ... and maybe even getting up on the Jumbotron ... or ... dare we dream ... being shown on live TEEEEEVEEEEEE! OMG, we're getting texts from everyone.

That said, we were watching a little college football last night -- FSN was showing a replay of an old Twins game. Johan Santana was pitching, Torii Hunter was in center, and it was more than one heart could take -- and we saw a fan holding up the sign you see above. Plenty of people pounced on it right away on Twitter. Haha, she forgot a letter (at least it was not the other vowel she initially forgot, as noted by college football genius/funnyman Spencer Hall).

But while that gaffe is embarrassing, we want to highlight the entire sign as a lesson in what not to do if you must bring a sign to a game. The missing letter is just the most glaring part of a sloppy, poorly conceived sign. To wit:

*ALL CAPS on the first word, regular caps on the next two words, then this really out of nowhere fat capital T on the last word.

*Misaligned letters in ESPN. Maybe she gets a free pass on the N, since she needed a little space to fit those two to three letters in beforehand, but there is no excuse for the P.

*An attempt to replicate the ESPN logo on the P and N, whereas no attempt at all on the first two letters.

*A very small "s" at the end of "counts," almost like it isn't really part of the word. Part of us thinks she might have made the T so giant to cover up an initial apostrophe that someone corrected her on. Who would put an apostrophe on a word that is simply plural? Oh, there are so many of you out there. Don't get us started.

In any event, our mission here was not to pick on this poor woman. It was this: If you are going to bring a sign to a game, please make it a good one. Think things through. Have a plan. That way, if you actually get to wave hysterically at a camera and tell all your friends you were on TV, you won't regret it later.