Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard, who was fired from his longtime KARE home in May, has a new role. Bring Me the News, the website that specializes in bite-sized local stories, announced Wednesday that it has hired the media personality to enhance its weather coverage.

A statement to readers said Sundgaard will deliver videos wherever it’s most suitable, which could include his living room couch or the gym.

Sundgaard will also continue to provide forecasts and climate information on various social media outlets, including his YouTube channel, which has nearly 9,000 subscribers.

“It’s a great fit because it gives me the flexibility to practice my forecast trade and weather obsession and still get out some important climate and conservation news,” Sundgaard said by text. “Those are things that I’m doing already and it’s great to have the sponsorship of Bring Me the News. They’re a fast-growing digital model and we all know how important that is these days.”

The exact reason for Sundgaard’s departure from KARE remains unclear, but the news personality had created some sparks by sharing his liberal-leaning opinions online.

Shortly before his dismissal, Sundgaard reposted a Facebook comment from Minneapolis rabbi Michael Adam Latz comparing those protesting the recent economic shutdowns to “white nationalist Nazi sympathizer gun fetishist miscreants.”

In a public statement in May, KARE said Sundgaard had violated news ethics and other station policies but did not go into specifics.

That chapter has not stopped the media personality from sharing his non-weather opinions on social media. In recent Twitter posts, he poked fun at President Trump’s idea of giving his nomination speech at Gettysburg and scolded “‘reverse racism’ ranting white supremacists.”