Queensland, Australia, will be under the threat of flooding rain today and Saturday. A stalled frontal boundary stretching from eastern New South Wales to near the Gulf of Carpentaria will separate cool, dry air to the south and west from advancing warm, moist air from the north.

The front will force the cooler air to lift up and over the moist air, resulting in numerous showers and perhaps even a thunderstorm or two.

As a series of weak upper-air impulses travel southeastward near the front, locally heavy rain will fall. Rainfall totals can exceed 1 inch in many areas, with upwards of 3 inches in a few spots.

Queensland has been hit hard over the past few months by heavy rainfall.

Since the beginning of the year, 15-30 inches of rain has fallen across the Cape York Peninsula and the rest of northern Queensland, more than double the normal amount of rainfall.

Story by AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller