Why is this woman smiling?

I am going to write this blog post without using any bondage puns, though I guess my headline (saying that the new E.L. James book is a "hit" could be seen as one).

Nope, I'm just here to deliver the news and then slink away. The news is that "Grey," the sequel to the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy told through the man's point of view is a **** hit. Insert your own adjective; mine is unprintable in a family newspaper.

The book came out last Thursday--just four days ago--and it has already sold more than a million copies (if you lump together print books, e-books and audio books).

One point one million books in four days.

The sound you hear is me knocking my head against my desk.

James' publisher, Vintage Books, is up to its fifth printing already (did I mention that the book only came out last Thursday?) and there are now 2.1 million copies in print. Two million of these babies out there. So relax, there's plenty for everyone.

Late last week, readers were tweeting their favorite lines from the new book, using the hashtag #grey. That hashtag has been pretty much taken over by someone who is selling "fifty shades of grey" clothing--thongs size 14, anyone? grey desert boots?--and ads for the DVD.

But if you plow past all the advertising, you can still unearth reader-favorite lines from "Grey," such as: "Control is my middle name, Sweetheart." and, "I wake, with a start. Today, I win her back." And "I totally got some, bro!" Also something about wanting to take her now, in this elevator.

Yep. Two point one million copies. Now you know why this woman is smiling.