The Packers have 363,948 shareholders. The last time they sold stock, it was for $250 a share a few years back. The team’s “owners” cannot sell the stock. It is basically a willing donation to the team masked as ownership. But it’s a very clever thing that makes the team a bunch of money and makes the fans feel good, and it helped pay for the Lambeau Field renovation even if the Wall Street Journal called it “the worst stock in America.”

And it does have a few perks. In addition to allowing stock buyers to claim they are part-owners in the team, those who are shareholders get to attend an annual shareholders meeting. While it would take several Lambeau Fields to hold a meeting of 363,948 shareholders, the usual turnout is about 12,000 to 14,000.

And this year’s meeting is today.

There is nothing particularly noteworthy about the agenda. There is, however, something particularly noteworthy about a couple of fans in attendance. Per this photo tweeted out, there was a man wearing a No. 84 Vikings jersey in attendance; you can also see another purple-clad hero to the left of him in the picture.

The photo was tweeted out by a Packers fan clearly annoyed by their presence. I will now make it my mission to find them and give them the credit they deserve.

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