Jeff Dubay, a former sports-talk radio personality, is facing jail time after failing to complete two substance abuse programs and repeatedly testing positive for cocaine.

Dubay, 41, of Plymouth, was fired as a morning-show host at KFAN-AM after he was charged in mid-October with fifth-degree drug possession. He was placed in a yearlong diversion program, which could have resulted in the charge being dismissed. That program required him to perform 100 hours of community service, remain law-abiding and comply with other conditions.

Dubay flunked out of that program but was accepted into Substance Abuse Court in March, according to Ramsey County District Court records.

According to the records, Dubay tested positive for cocaine on 12 occasions, the most recent on June 6. He also failed to report for 11 urine tests since January. Those violations disqualified him from the Substance Abuse Court.

Dubay was arrested on June 10 and released on bail two days later. He will be sentenced July 21 by District Judge Joanne Smith. Sentencing guidelines call for him to spend a year in jail.