Q: On my iPhone, my Outlook.com e-mail account won't allow me to send messages to the trash. I get an error report that says "Unable to move message. The message could not be moved to the mailbox Trash." How can I fix this problem?

Linda Reed, Green Valley, Ariz.

A: This is a common problem that can be resolved by changing a few settings.

What's the issue? Your phone is synchronized with your e-mail provider's mail server. That means that any e-mail action you take on the iPhone is being duplicated on the server.

But this synchronization only works if your iPhone plays by the e-mail server's rules. In order to maintain the relationship, your phone must delete e-mail messages to a Trash folder located on Outlook.com's mail server.

However, your phone is instead trying to delete e-mail messages by sending them to the iPhone's own Trash folder. As a result, the e-mail doesn't get deleted and you get an error message.

This can be fixed by going to the iPhone's settings, and clicking on "mail" and then "accounts." Click on "Outlook.com" and then on "account" (your e-mail address appears beside it.) Then click on "advanced" and look at the section called "mailbox behaviors." Click on "deleted mailbox," and you will see a list of options for where deleted mail should go.

My guess is that your phone has a checkmark beside "Trash" under the heading "on my phone." You need to change that by going to following section, called "on the server," and click "Trash" there. A checkmark should to appear beside that option.

Move backward through the menus until you get to the "account" page, where you should click "done" in the upper right-hand corner. Then, move back in the menus until "settings," and close the settings app.

While this settings change solves the problem for most people, there are other potential fixes at tinyurl.com/yatbeaz3. They include disabling and re-enabling your phone's e-mail account, or deleting your e-mail account from the phone and setting it up again.

Q: I use Windows 10, and have found that Microsoft's new Edge browser seems to take over the opening of all the Adobe PDF document files that arrive in my e-mail. As a result, I can't open those files with Adobe software, which means I can't use Adobe features such as zoom or text highlighting. Is there a way to make Edge quit taking over PDF files?

Bob Somers, Minnetonka

A: Microsoft's Edge browser contains its own PDF-reading software, and does not support the software "plug-in" that enables other browsers to open PDFs with Adobe. So you will need to switch to a different browser if you want to take advantage of Adobe's features.

Microsoft's internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (see tinyurl.com/bsxs3kt) are two options.

The Google Chrome browser (see tinyurl.com/qbud93e) can use Adobe software. But as a result of a 2015 redesign of the browser, it won't use Adobe by default. To make Chrome automatically open PDF documents with Adobe, make a simple change in Chrome's settings (see tinyurl.com/8xuo2c6).

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