For Christmas this year, ice fishermen in Ely can get the gift of beer, delivered right to the door of their ice houses.

Safe Ride, a local livery service that offers rides around town for a flat fee of $5, is partnering up with a local liquor store to offer alcohol deliveries for the same price to thirsty customers fishing on Millers Lake or Shagawa Lake.

“Santa is bringing Ely ice fishermen & women a great gift this year!” The company announced on its Facebook page. “Thanks to a partnership with our sponsor Beaver Liquor we are able to offer alcohol delivery to your ice house (or regular house, or cabin, or tree house)!!!!!”

Nicolas Jordan, an Army veteran who launched Safe Ride last December, began offering food deliveries as well as rides a few months ago. He decided to add alcohol to his delivery service once he and the liquor store figured out a system to ensure none of those deliveries would end up in the hands of minors.

“Someone calls us and says, ‘Hey, we’d like to have a case of Leinenkugel's brought out to our ice house.’ We’ll tell them to call Beaver’s Liquor,” he said. Customers then call the liquor store, place and pay for their order and give the store clerk their driver’s license number. Jordan or one of his drivers will then load the order up in a company car and drive out onto the ice, where they’ll check the driver’s license again before handing over the delivery.

Photo: Doug Smith, Star Tribune