Once again there will be baby Bald Eagles to be watched thanks to the Minnesota DNR. Its camera offers live feeds of eagle activity. 


Go to www.dnr.state.mn.us/features/webcams/eaglecam/faq.htm


There is a new camera this season with infrared lighting and sound. The microphone is f not currently operational, but the infrared allows viewers to watch nighttime activity in the nest, without disturbing the birds or the white-footed mice that are using the nest and nesting materials to make a living. The microphone will be replaced next time we can visit the nest.


The DNR offers the Alternative Viewing Options link that it had last year.

Rewind video for instant replay: Click anywhere on the red timeline bar below the image to go back up to 4 hours. Click on the "LIVE" button to return to the live feed. Make the video full screen by pressing the double arrow in the lower right. To escape from full screen, press the ESC key, or tap "Done" on your mobile device. Click here to Watch the feeding video clip! 


There are many bird cams in action throughout the U.S. and around the world. Here are some of the addresses (a Google search finds many).