What’s in a Name?

Players go by their own chosen “NBA 2K” nicknames, such as OneWild­Walnut, Boo Painter and Mama Im Dat Man. Here is how the first two members of the new T-Wolves Gaming team got their names:

“Hood,” a k a Brandon Caicedo

Twitter: @HoodBC_

Growing up, he loved Carmelo Anthony and he loved it when Internet posters created a “Hoodie Melo” alter ego after Anthony was photo­graphed in a hooded sweatshirt whenever he worked out. “He’s a different breed when he puts on his hood,” Hood said. “So I just sort of took the hood away from him.”

“IFEAST,” a k a Mihad Feratovic

Twitter: @iFEAST__

A “Call of Duty” enthusiast, he played with friends nicknamed I-this and I-that. “I had to pick a name, so I chose IFEAST” and he kept it for 2K play.