What are e-sports?

E-sports — electronic sports — are video gaming competitions — gamers trying to beat each other in whatever video game is being played. The games don’t have to be sports-related to be considered e-sports.

Do people watch?

E-sports are popular on streaming websites Twitch and YouTube — 15 million daily users and growing — and people show up in person to watch e-sports in arenas all over the world.

NBA involvement

The NBA became the first official U.S. professional sports league to dive into e-sports when it launched its 2K League, around the “NBA 2K” video game series, last spring.

The Wolves, and how this all will play out

T-Wolves Gaming is the 2K League franchise name. There will be six gamers — five starters and a sub — a coach, a home operation in Minneapolis and more. Teammates connected by headsets, microphones and their own monitor will manipulate their own fictional players, competing against other 2K teams.