Melissa Ethridge and Linda Wallem

Former University of Minnesota student Linda Wallem hasn't written for television since leaving her hit series,"Nurse Jackie" in 2013, but she could be lured back with the right project for her and her wife.

That would be Melissa Etheridge who the Dudley Riggs vet first met 15 years ago when she tried to snag her for an appearance on "That '80 Show." That didn't work out, but the two hit it off and were married three years ago.

Wallem had been busy raising the couple's twins and lending her support to Etheridge on the road, but she confesses that she's working on a secret project that would bring the Grammy winner to the small screen.

"We've been dying to work together for so long," Wallem said backstage Friday at Treasure Island Resort and Casino where Etheridge was performing. "I've been on tour with her all summer and got to see her genius. She's playing guitar like no other woman ever has at her age."

One thing Wallem hasn't found time for is watching the three seasons of "Jackie" that were produced by Clyde Phillips after she and her writing partner, Liz Brixius (who attended the U of M and St. Kate's) departed.

One reason: Phillips decided not to use Wendy & Lisa anymore.

"I understand he wanted his own sound, but I can't watch without their music," said Wallem, who will appear with Etheridge on an upcoming episode of "Long Island Medium." "You understand. It was my baby."

She hasn't watched an episode despite the fact that her brother, Stephen Wallem, continued on in the role of Thor, opposite Emmy winner Edie Falco.

Wallem did say she is obessed these days with "This Is Us." Just don't tell her brother.