No one wants to watch a shaky video unless you are volunteering for a headache. An easy solution is the new FeiyuTech AK2000C handheld gimbal.

In a nutshell, a gimbal is an anti-shake tool that attaches to your camera or smartphone to help stabilize them while you're in motion. You can tilt, pan, run, walk or move in 360-degree circles.

With the AK2000C, you get a motorized handheld gimbal that's easy to use and relatively affordable at $299. (Do a quick Amazon search for "gimbal stabilizer for DSLR camera" and you'll find hundreds of choices, including some over $5,000.)

A big feature distinguishing gimbals is how much weight they can support. The AK2000C is good for up to 5 pounds, making it ideal for most mirrorless camera setups.

The 2½-pound device is well constructed with aerospace aluminum alloy, and a color customized handle (carbon fiber texture, navy camouflage, or rosewood pattern). Tripod legs fold out of the bottom; when folded in, they serve as a monopod.

A three-axis motor lock and quick-release plate securely attaches to a camera's bottom tripod thread. A 3-inch OLED touch screen is an app free easy-to-use control center for switching modes instantly. Inside is a rechargeable battery, good for about seven hours of use. (