Cyclists in the Great River Energy-Mesabi Trail Tour will make their annual roll across northeastern Minnesota on Aug. 1.

“Whether you are an avid rider, a weekend cyclist, or you want to take the kids for their first bike ride … We do have a lot of families, as well as what I call the ‘rabid cyclist.’ The whole purpose of the tour is to showcase the trail and to get people up here and visiting,” said ride director Ardy Nurmi-Wilberg.

In its 11th year, the bike tour is expected to draw 700 to 800 riders. The route along the paved Mesabi Trail changes every year to ensure it exposes riders to different communities and different parts of the trail. The trail isn’t the typical flat, rail-to-trail pedal. “I like to say, we have some typography. Which means we’ve got some hills,” Nurmi-Wilberg said with a laugh.

There are four start locations in the tour, all of which finish in Eveleth. They are Coleraine at 72 miles out, Nashwauk at 53, Buhl at 25 and Virginia at 11.

Registration, route information and more are online at