And you thought Minnesotans were passive-aggressive? A British dad recorded a hilarious spoof "instructional" video to teach his teenage children how to change a roll of toilet paper.

Father-of-the-year Will Reid says in the short video: "Obviously, me telling them face to face is not working," so he decided to turn to social media to help his two kids "with life."

After demonstrating how to change the roll, Reid says dryly: "Make sure you watch that a few times. The advanced level would be to actually take the empty toilet roll holder and put it in the bin."


"My kids said this wouldn't go world-wide as no one would be interested!," wrote Reid in his post on YouTube.

Obviously, father knows best because the video has racked up more than 2 million views in less than a week, and Reid says it's only the first in a series.

Next up? We're hoping he tackles the complicated series of events that result in something getting thrown in the garbage.

Colleen Kelly • 612-673-7400 • Twitter: @onecolleen