"The Office" may be shuttered, but the staff is still busy at work. Here's what some of our favorite cast members are up to:

Steve Carell (Michael Scott)

Scored indie points early this year for displaying his dark side in the movie "The Way, Way Back." Reprises his role as a dingbat Brick Tamland in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues."

Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute)

A potential spinoff didn't make the cut, but the former Guthrie regular is keeping occupied through his website, soulpancake.com, and the upcoming comedy film "Cooties," co-starring Elijah Wood and Alison Pill.

John Krasinski (Jim HalĀ­pert)

About to play a father in real life, he and wife Emily Blunt announced earlier this week that they're expecting. He joins Salma Hayek and Liam Neeson in providing voices to the animated feature "The Prophet."

Jenna Fischer (Pam HalĀ­pert)

Spent early part of summer appearing off-Broadway in Neil LaBute's "Reasons to Be Happy." Just wrapped the movie "Kiss Me," directed by "Survivor" host Jeff Probst.

Ed Helms (Andy Bernard)

Among rumored future work: a comedy about a time-traveling Civil War re-enactor and a remake of the Chevy Chase smash "Vacation."

Neal Justin