Friends and family of George Floyd will gather for a daylong celebration of his life Tuesday to commemorate one year since he was killed by Minneapolis police.

The event at 38th and Chicago in south Minneapolis is hosted by the George Floyd Global Memorial. It will begin at 1 p.m. on May 25 and will include local and community art and children's activities, along with an open mic session and concerts featuring Sounds of Blackness and DJ Sophia Eris at 6 p.m.

The event will end with a candlelight vigil honoring Floyd at 8 p.m. at the site where he was killed.

"George Floyd Square and the George Floyd Global Memorial were built by members of the community who wanted to preserve the site where my nephew lost his life," Floyd's aunt and Minneapolis resident Angela Harrelson said in a statement. "On the anniversary of his death, we will celebrate the impact of his life on our family, friends, the community and our society."

The George Floyd Global Memorial is a nonprofit established by Harrelson, her cousin Paris Stevens and lead caretaker Jeanelle Austin to bring together members of Floyd's family and the local community to preserve more than 2,500 artistic tributes by community members at the intersection where Floyd was killed.

"Everywhere you look, people have created something that reflects the current moment, the actual spot where George was murdered," read a statement from Minneapolis mural artist Peyton Scott Russell. "There's flowers with notes and trinkets and things that just reflect people's offerings. Everyone in Minneapolis processed George Floyd's death differently."

The area, which remains blocked off from traffic, serves as an ongoing protest and memorial site and has been visited by thousands of people from around the world.

Mayor Jacob Frey said he favors a "phased reopening" of the square that would include a Floyd memorial because he has heard from residents and business owners who want it reopened.

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